F.A.N.G.’s Poison Mechanics in SFV

IGN recently posted a new video showcasing Street Fighter V’s F.A.N.G. in a first-to-five exhibition between Combofiend and Mike Ross. In addition to the usual entertaining banter between Peter and Mike, the video shows off how F.A.N.G.’s poison mechanics behave.

At 5:36, Mike asks how the slow-moving, horizontal poison orb attack works. Combofiend explains:

[The Poison Orb] just puts you in a poisoned state, but it doesn’t have any kind of hitstun or anything. You could walk through it and hit me. You don’t have to respect it.

“You’re gonna take the poison”, because the attack puts you in a poisoned state no matter how it makes contact with you (it doesn’t matter if it hits you or if you block it).

Only the horizontal poison orb behaves this way; at 6:53, we see that the vertical/lobbed orbs have a standard hitbox that makes contact as a traditional Street Fighter projectile does. These vertical orbs also apply the poisoned state (but require an actual hit to do so).

Combofiend also mentions that hitting F.A.N.G. causes the poisoned state to go away. This means it will be up to F.A.N.G.’s opponent to stop the poison damage, losing life for each second that goes by while F.A.N.G. remains untouched.

At 6:18, we see Combofiend activate F.A.N.G.’s V-Trigger, and the poison from that attack appears to persist even if F.A.N.G. gets hit. It’s mentioned in the Capcom Unity blog that his V-Trigger causes opponents to be poisoned as long as they are near them, so perhaps this poison effect can be removed simply by putting space between you and F.A.N.G.?

At 10:43, F.A.N.G. uses a physical attack with his arms that also applies the poisoned state to his opponent when it hits them. Combofiend wasn’t lying when he said, “you’re gonna take the poison.”

The new poison mechanic, which is unique to F.A.N.G., definitely seems potent and interesting! I’m predicting that we’ll see some tense hit-and-run matches in Street Fighter 5’s future 🙂