SF5 release date: Feb 16, 2016 | Dhalsim announced

Haunts from Capcom just announced both the character Dhalsim and the release date of Street Fighter 5 via a post on Capcom Unity:

Street Fighter V has a confirmed release date of February 16 in North America and Europe!

Dhalsim sports an amazing beard and is looking quite fantastic. He seems to have a new delayed float teleport and quite a few new tricks, check him out in the trailer below.

In addition to announcing Dhalsim, Haunts confirmed that 6 additional characters will be released post-launch in 2016, all of which will be earnable for free via fight money. The planned cycle for new characters is to release one new character every two months.

Haunts went on with some of the details of the Fight Money currency:

Daily Goals:

Each day a player logs into the Street Fighter V client, they will be assigned a new daily goal.  Daily goals should be easily achievable in in one play session, and will award Fight Money based on their difficulty.

Some example goals are as follows:

–          Land X number of Hadokens

–          Land X number of anti-air attacks

–          Land X number crush-counter hits

Leveling Individual Characters:

Another goal that we have for the Fight Money system is to ensure that players can still earn Fight Money through both single player and multiplayer modes.  We accomplish this by allowing players to earn Fight Money by leveling up individual characters in a variety of modes.

To remove any confusion up front, leveling up a character in Street Fighter V will not affect game balance.  It only shows how much time and effort an individual has placed into learning a character.

Each time a player levels up a character, they will receive a Fight Money bonus.  Earlier levels will be easy to obtain, and will scale to become more difficult the higher the level.

Finally, the in-game currency that is purchasable with real money will be named “Zenny”. If you don’t want to grind out your fight money in game, you can drop real money in and unlock things right away.