How to use (almost) any controller or stick with Street Fighter V on PlayStation 4

Brook Super Converters are awesome! For only $35, they bypass Street Fighter V’s PS3 Legacy Controller nonsense and they also avoid the dreaded 8-minute PS4 timeout issues (after a firmware update). They do not require a PS4 Controller/DS4 to use!

I have personally confirmed the white PS3 to PS4 adapter as working with a PS3 Madcatz TES stick and Qanba/Eightarc Fusion and Q4 sticks (in PS3 mode). Generally, the adapters will work with any wired PS3 or Xbox 360 pad/stick that is not auto-detect. They even have PS2-to-PS4 converters for you PS2 pad users! However, the devices do NOT work with PS360+ PCBs (because they are auto-detect).

The SFV Guidebook

With Street Fighter V’s release, there are going to be a lot of new players looking to pick up the game. There’s a plethora of tutorials available out there, but most of them are far too long and difficult for new players to digest. This guide aims to explain the game’s basic and intermediate mechanics as clearly and concisely as possible, in hopes to get more players in on the action.

I’m super-stoked to finally be done with these, and I hope you all enjoy it 🙂 Let’s grow the scene!

HotS Hero Concept: Diablo 2 Paladin

I would love nothing more than for Diablo 2 characters to make their way into Heroes of the Storm. To see how practical that may or may not be, I’ve been experimenting with a hero concept for the Diablo 2 Paladin, specifically that of a Vindicator variety (Smiter).

I really had a blast making this, and I hope you enjoy it as well 🙂

Diablo 2 Paladin Character Concept - Astreon
Click this image to view the full Character Concept page!

It’s probably more fun to view the image above for the full flavor, but I’ll post my original text transcript below in case you’re interested in that.

“Burn in the Light!” a guide to playing Johanna in Heroes of the Storm

If you’re only going to learn how to play one tank in Heroes of the Storm, make it Johanna. There’s really never a bad time to pick her, she’s good at everything a tank wants to be good at and she works well with any team composition. She has great displacement, crowd control, peeling, and she’s incredibly hard to kill thanks to her trait, Iron Skin. She’s easily the most effective tank in the game, overall. Other tanks can be more effective in certain situations, but no one fits into every team composition like our girl Jo does.