I recently made a neat thing! You can use https://ultimateframedata.com to check frame data for every character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! And guess what? It’s extremely mobile-friendly!

I was tired of there not being a single source for all of the available data, and I was even more tired of dealing with non-mobile-friendly sites and spreadsheets. I wanted something that I could easily check during tournament or while commentating, so I made this! And now, thanks to me spending a grueling four days parsing spreadsheets of data into HTML, you can use it too!

“Jimmy gets it done” – HOTS Raynor Guide

Are you struggling to be effective as a damage-dealer in Heroes of the Storm? Can’t engage without dying as a Melee? Getting dived and blown-up as a Mage? You’re not asking for much, you just want to kill some folks in a video game. But it just isn’t working out.

You need someone strong, but not too complicated. Someone who looks at your positioning mistakes and says, “Hey man, that’s okay, here’s a little pick-me-up.” Someone who never met a problem he couldn’t solve without shooting at it repeatedly. Someone who is an All-American Space-Cowboy. You need Jim Raynor.

He’s not technical. He’s not flashy. But damn it, Jimmy gets it done.