I recently made a neat thing! You can use https://ultimateframedata.com to check frame data for every character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! And guess what? It’s extremely mobile-friendly!

I was tired of there not being a single source for all of the available data, and I was even more tired of dealing with non-mobile-friendly sites and spreadsheets. I wanted something that I could easily check during tournament or while commentating, so I made this! And now, thanks to me spending a grueling four days parsing spreadsheets of data into HTML, you can use it too!

“Jimmy gets it done” – HOTS Raynor Guide

Are you struggling to be effective as a damage-dealer in Heroes of the Storm? Can’t engage without dying as a Melee? Getting dived and blown-up as a Mage? You’re not asking for much, you just want to kill some folks in a video game. But it just isn’t working out.

You need someone strong, but not too complicated. Someone who looks at your positioning mistakes and says, “Hey man, that’s okay, here’s a little pick-me-up.” Someone who never met a problem he couldn’t solve without shooting at it repeatedly. Someone who is an All-American Space-Cowboy. You need Jim Raynor.

He’s not technical. He’s not flashy. But damn it, Jimmy gets it done.

“Burn in the Light!” – HOTS Johanna Guide

If you’re only going to learn how to play one tank in Heroes of the Storm, make it Johanna. There’s really never a bad time to pick her, she’s good at everything a tank wants to be good at and she works well with any team composition. She has great displacement, crowd control, peeling, and she’s incredibly hard to kill thanks to her trait, Iron Skin. She’s easily the most generally effective tank in the game — other tanks might be more effective in certain situations, but no one fits into every team composition like our girl Jo does.

Tanks and Active Mitigation in World of Warcraft: Legion

Someone recently made a post on MMO-Champion asking whether a specific ability counted as “Active Mitigation” and they received a lot of misinformation. Apparently, many players have an outdated understanding of the term, and to make things worse, the most recently updated Wikis on the topic are 3-4 years old. Yikes! Since I’m so annoying such a helpful guy, I will clear things up.

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